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As parents we tend to think we know what’s good for our kids, but our knowledge is mostly of the general variety. We know they need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and try to avoid excessive amounts of unhealthy fats, salt and sugar. But, do you know the specifics? How many calories a day does a child need? Do you know which nutrients your child is not likely getting in sufficient quantities? How would you know if there was a problem with your child's development?


A big decision new parents must make for the little one’s nutrition is whether to breastfeed or give formula. No matter what you decide, other people will surely have an opinion, but only one thing really matters: which choice is right for you and your baby?


International Self-Care Day is July 24th. It is celebrated not only in Canada, but around the world, and is an opportunity for all of us to be reminded that we are our own best health advocates. We might see doctors a few times a year or maybe even a few times a week, but they are not there with us as we live our lives. It’s an opportunity to take ownership over our own health and wellbeing.


Lions Foundation of Canada is a national charity whose mission is to assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing Dog Guides – at no cost.

Lions Foundation of Canada trains Dog Guides to assist Canadians with a wide range of disabilities. With seven programs in place, Canadians who become qualified applicants are offered the opportunity to find greater independence, mobility and safety through the help of a Dog Guide.


It’s safe to say that most of us look forward to the long hot days of summer. Particularly when summer seems to take its sweet time getting here. But if you’re someone who suffers from a respiratory condition like asthma or COPD, you probably don’t relish the heat quite so much, particularly when it’s combined with high levels of humidity and smog in the air.



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