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Stephen Frank, President and CEO, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association


It is said that the speed of the leader determines the efficiency of the pack. With a decisive, confident and compassionate nature, and a dedication to making a difference, Express Scripts Canada president Dr. Dorian Lo is an innovative leader who will take the pharmacy benefits management industry to the next level while putting the needs of clients, plan sponsors and employees first. And doing it with heart.


While prescription drug benefits continue to be threatened by the growing cost and use of high-cost specialty drugs, managing benefit investment through proven approaches that optimize drug costs along with member health is essential.


Food insecurity is complex. It’s more than geographic and economic barriers to food access.

As the world continues to navigate through this unprecedented time in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those at risk of not having enough food are left even more vulnerable.


Acting with speed and purpose to deliver better health outcomes through innovation and adaption that focuses on optimal member care, Express Scripts Canada is a leader in pharmacy benefit management.



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