Express Script Canada's emblem that represents our Indigenous Commitment

Indigenous symbol

Our Indigenous symbol is integral to the promotion of our Indigenous initiatives and partnerships. 

The design is Medicine Wheel themed, made up of ESC’s corporate brand colours. Similar to ESC’s principles of diversity and inclusion, the core teachings of the Medicine Wheel are balance, inclusion and Indigenous four sacred Medicines—sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco—which keep our spirit healthy.

Indigenous commitment

Express Scripts Canada is committed to supporting healthy Indigenous communities and creating a better future, together.

Two young Indigenous boys with their arms around each other

Champions for better

We are committed to creating a better future together with our Indigenous community partners. In partnership with Indigenous consulting groups, we offer meaningful employment opportunities to Indigenous peoples. Please see our careers page for all current openings.

Supporting community relationships

We support Indigenous education initiatives through annual donation to charities focused on Indigenous youth education while seeking out opportunities to support community groups that have the health and welfare of Indigenous peoples at heart.

Express Scripts Canada's Internship Medicine Wheel