Express Scripts Canada Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Council

Our Mission

To intentionally foster an inclusive culture where diversity is valued, fairness is promised and action is taken to celebrate our differences.

People First Culture

People first culture is about ALL of us! We succeed when we create an environment that is equitable, inclusive and fosters personal growth. We thrive when our culture is built on appreciation, trust and progress.

This past April, employees were asked to come up with words that describe what a ‘People First’ culture means to us as individuals at Express Scripts Canada. Below is the word cloud we created as a team - keywords and attributes that resonate most with us!

To have a strong “People First” to Express Scripts Canada means creating a respectful environment where we are compassionate, respectful to each other, and collaborate effectively together to drive results.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Our DEI Pillars of Focus are:

Education - Education is at the core of what we do, live and breathe. Our promise is to ensure our information is current, aligns with our company goals and encourages colleague growth through continued education, informative information sharing and providing resources and tools that are easily accessible.

Engagement - We strive to sustain a workplace that is valued on employee engagement through collaboration, empathy and personal development. Engaged colleagues are driven to give their all and contribute to an organization’s goals and strengths.

Empowerment - Lead and support staff development efforts that foster an environment where each colleague can contribute equally and feels responsible for advancing the company’s goals and objectives.