Our top 3 tweets of Q3 2018

As we turn towards the homestretch of 2018, it’s time look back once again at what our twitter followers found interesting in Q3, and try to learn a lesson or two that we can use to guide us in making sure we produce engaging content for our followers as we forge ahead toward 2019.

Top tweets are based on engagement, not just impressions which is basically the number of eyeballs that see a tweet. Engagement means that people saw the content and then took action to reply, like or retweet it to their own networks. A much better measure of impact than just counting eyeballs.

Our quarterly examination of twitter engagement in Q3 has taken us to the opposite end of the spectrum from what we saw in Q2. Whereas 2 of our top 3 tweets in the second quarter were related to our industry-leading analysis of drug spending trends, Q3’s top tweets are all of a much more personal nature.

So, in reverse order, let’s take a look at our top 3 tweets of Q3 2018.

Tweet #3

Our third most popular tweet of the quarter is part of a new recruitment initiative whereby we briefly profile some of our senior leaders and then invite job seekers to join the team. Research shows that workers value who they work with as much as what they do, so this is an innovative way to expand upon a simple job description. It’s early days, but the tactic seems to be having the desired effect.

Tweet #2

Our second most popular tweet is actually promoting a blog post about creative ways to get active. But in terms of getting people’s attention, we wanted to present a problem, and then offer a solution. An Australian study from 2016 found that 17% of respondents had fallen asleep on the job, and 29% reported making errors at work because they were sleepy. Clearly, drowsiness at work is a significant problem. Although the best way to overcome it is to simply get more sleep, going for a walk is also an effective way to stay awake and alert after eating lunch. It’s a very small part of the blog, but it seems that our followers might have found the information helpful.

Tweet #1

Our top tweet of the quarter is also personal, but in a very different way. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men, affecting 1 in 7, and killing thousands every year. Fortunately, early detection can lead to complete recovery in almost all cases. The challenge is that the most common way to test for prostate cancer is uncomfortable for many men. The “famous fingers” campaign from Prostate Cancer Canada is a playful way to de-stigmatize the procedure, and encourage more men to get tested. It’s an important cause, and we’re happy to help spread the word.

The holidays are almost upon us. Be healthy, be safe, and we’ll see you in the Twittersphere in 2019!