A look at how the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy Atlantic location gets the right medication to the right patient at the right time

The Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy® provides patients with a smarter pharmacy experience by putting patients and their health first. One facet of our approach is to ensure that the right patient gets the right medication at the right time which can prove to be difficult at times due to forces outside of our control as mother nature showed us in our Atlantic region pharmacy this winter.

From February through to early April this year, intense snowstorms continued to bring parts of Atlantic Canada to standstills. These conditions might have made deliveries to patients difficult for some pharmacies but not for the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy-Atlantic. For example, Margaret requires monthly deliveries of a perishable medication that must maintain a strict temperature from the time it leaves our pharmacy door to the time it arrives at Margaret’s.

To ensure that Margaret, and other patients like her, continued to receive their medications on time and at the correct temperature, the Atlantic pharmacy team consistently monitored weather forecasts and kept in close contact with patients to choose the best dates for shipping important and perishable medications. Thanks to the diligence of our Atlantic pharmacy team and the ongoing follow-ups with Margaret and other patients, the medications continued to get delivered to patient’s on time and in perfect condition. Margaret has often expressed her gratitude for not having to battle the treacherous Atlantic weather and roads to get to the pharmacy since her pharmacy comes to her.

Meet the team who helped Margaret and others get their medications on time through the intense Atlantic blizzards this year.

  • Alan is the Pharmacy Manager. He’s committed to patient-centred care and helping patients get the most value from their drug plans. You can often find him going the extra mile on patient calls to ensure that each and every patient gets the dedicated care they deserve.

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  • Kelly is dedicated to the profession and knowledgeable in all the latest medications and matters related to health.

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  • Stephanie supervises the workflow for the pharmacy assistants to ensure that all prescriptions get handled in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Debbie is an expert at monitoring weather trends and shipping and tracking drugs accordingly to patients.

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  • Kirstie is great at bundling medications into blister packages to help patients keep multiple medications straight. She’s also the go-to assistant when compounds are needed.

  • Michel is very efficient and reliable with his speed and precision always ensuring that the right patient gets the right medication.

Together, this knowledgeable and talented team support, inform and educate patients to help them manage their conditions, optimize their treatments and most of all, get better, more personalized health care. Stop in or give them a call to see how they can help you.

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