Meet the team behind the Prescription Drug Trend Report and Outcomes Webinar

Collaboration by a diverse and dedicated team of professionals is key to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and influential examination of the trends and patterns of prescription drugs in the Canadian private sector.

Express Scripts Canada’s Prescription Drug Trend Report is the jewel in its crown. It provides comprehensive research and data insights on the use of prescription medications in the Canadian private sector, offering key information and analysis to those who matter most: our clients. Its goal within the health benefits management landscape is to inform and support the development of industry-leading solutions to deliver superior healthcare in a cost-controlled environment.

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While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the pharmacy benefits landscape, it also changed the way the team behind the delivery of the Prescription Drug Trend Report and Outcomes webinar connected and collaborated. The dynamic and skilled team responsible for bringing this project to life for clients were challenged to collaborate virtually, while still being flexible and responsive.

Meet the team behind the Prescription Drug Trend Report and Outcomes:

  • Analytics Team. The data analytics team have produced consistently to deliver powerful results for ESC and their clients. They mine claims data to identify key trends and insights into how the private drug market changes year over year and they focus on finding new ways to look at the data and provide meaningful insights to the market.
  • Clinical Team. ESC’s clinical team is composed of clinical pharmacists who apply a clinical lens to the analysis of the data to formulate hypotheses around drug benefit trends to ensure clients have access to comprehensive and up-to-date information. Their insights inform the industry so that the best decisions can be made around the prescription drug benefit.

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  • Linguistic Services Team. Without the skilled efforts of our Linguistic Services team, ESC would not be able to deliver precise and informative communications to our audiences. Our dedicated team of seasoned translators provides the highest level of accuracy and expertise. Their exceptional knowledge of linguistics, grammar, and our business ensures translations are always of the highest quality, including those related to this project.
  • Project Managers. Bringing it all together is the project manager. They plan the work that needs to be done and define roles and responsibilities, review the risks involved, ensure a high standard of work, motivate the team of people involved in the project, coordinate deadlines, ensure the project is running on time and on budget, update project plans as necessary and make sure the project delivers the expected outcomes and benefits. No easy feat in a virtual work environment, however, flexibility and a sense of humour goes a long way.
  • Executive Leadership Team. The Express Scripts Canada leadership team is dynamic, dedicated and lead with their heads – and their hearts. They take an active role in content development and bring it all to life on camera.
  • Marketing Team. ESC’s marketing team applies their creativity and strategic-thinking to this project. Involved from the outset, marketing takes the findings and puts them into context for its audiences. The team ensures the project achieves its three goals: thought leadership, informing clients and generating interest with media. They write the text, manage the approval process and coordinate the production and design for both the Prescription Drug Trend Report and Outcomes, delivering them to clients digitally and through an hour-long webinar.

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Express Scripts Canada is proud to have this team of dedicated and talented employees focused on delivering optimal results for clients, sponsors and members.

For more insight and a comprehensive breakdown on the use of prescription medications in the Canadian private sector, stay tuned for the 2021 Prescription Drug Trend Report – coming Wednesday, March 31, 2021.