Women in science – Celebrating the extraordinary contributions of women at Express Scripts Canada


On February 11th, the United Nations will mark the 4th annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a forum at its headquarters in New York. The event will bring together policymakers, diplomats and other thought leaders from around the world to tackle the daunting problem of gender inequality in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The statistics for women in STEM fields are low across much of the world, with less than 30% of female post-secondary students entering these disciplines, even though it is estimated that some 90% of future jobs will require these skills. The problem is one of time-honoured gender stereotypes that tell girls that their talents lie elsewhere, and that men are better suited to these careers.

Well, we at Express Scripts Canada (ESC) beg to differ. And in recognition of this important day, we take this opportunity to honour our own very women in science, our talented pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants, each of whom contribute immensely to the health and wellbeing of our pharmacy members, and to the larger effort to create a sustainable health benefit system for all Canadians.

Please join us in applauding the accomplishments and ambitions of these special women:

  • Farah Belayadi is a clinical pharmacist at ESC. She is proud to have participated in projects that promise to move the needle on two important health topics: diabetes and opioids. Farah is playing a lead role in developing innovative solutions to help Canadians live healthier, longer.

  • Haroona Farhan is a pharmacist at ESC’s pharmacy in Mississauga, Ontario. She prides herself on providing exceptional care, one patient at a time. Her goal at ESC is to become a clinical pharmacist.

  • Janice Savini is a clinical pharmacist with ESC’s Therapeutic Resource Centre, where she counsels patients living with complex conditions like cancer and multiple sclerosis. By helping patients better understand their own treatment, Janice’s work is leading to better health outcomes and more sustainable drug plans.

  • Kimberly Anne Rae is a bilingual clinical pharmacist with the Therapeutic Resource Centre. She is proud of her work counselling patients with complex health conditions and her contribution to a major project to help diabetes patients better manage their care. She hopes to be involved in many more such programs in the future, with a focus on optimizing patient health outcomes.

  • Suzanne Easo is a clinical pharmacist with ESC. As one of the lead authors of ESC's industry-leading Prescription Drug Trend Report, Suzanne is proud to be helping shape the future of prescription drug plans in Canada.

  • Jessica Lau is Senior Manager, Pharmacy Practice & Systems Development with ESC. She has been at the forefront of ESC’s Active Pharmacy Program, helping to deliver a better pharmacy experience for patients, and more sustainable drug plans for employers from across the country.

  • Jackie Vo is a designated pharmacy manager at ESC. As an integral part of ESC’s specialty pharmacy program, focussing on patients with complex health conditions, Jackie is proud of her work counseling patients, helping them achieve the best possible health outcomes.

  • Desiree Quan is Senior Manager, Audit and Drug Pricing Services at ESC. In this role, Desiree combines a deep knowledge of retail pharmacy operations across Canada and analytical prowess to help determine fair pricing for drug claims and fight health benefits fraud, all while keeping patient health and safety top of mind.

In all, Express Scripts Canada employs more than 55 female pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants across the country. Each is helping to safeguard the health and wellbeing of Canadians by combining their knowledge and experience with the utmost professionalism, diligence and care for their patients. Together they are a shining example of what women in science can accomplish when given the opportunity.

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On February 11th, we encourage all Canadians to take a moment to recognize women who have made contributions in STEM fields, and to offer support and encouragement to girls of any age who show an interest in pursuing science as a career. Use #WomenInScience on social media. Together, we can make a difference.