Express Scripts Canada: Proud to Care for Canada

I was proud to join Express Scripts Canada in March of this year, and, truth be told, I feel like I was always part of this team.

I am personally proud of our company’s unique focus on the health and pharmacy needs of Canadians, our deep understanding of Canadian healthcare and all of its facets, and our ability to bring successful and innovative ideas from around the world to serve our clients and patients in Canada. Having spent a great part of my career in Canada both as a physician and a business leader, I am inspired by what we do every day for the people we are privileged to serve.

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We do not take our responsibilities lightly. We challenge ourselves every day to take our best thinking and translate it into real solutions that create real savings, better care, and greater value for Canadians.

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Headquartered in Mississauga with operations across the country, we have a long-standing presence in Canada. We are deeply committed to healthcare delivery and improvement in Canada, demonstrated by our support for healthy Indigenous communities, developing new ways to deliver medication to Canadians, and our partnerships with our esteemed clients.

We know there is more work we can do. Our research shows that as many as 70 percent of Canadian patients in certain therapy classes are not taking their medications as directed. This is an alarming trend that we can uniquely address. Our holistic approach to health benefits can turn the tide on nonadherence through timely interventions. We also understand that any solution must be personalized so it works for each individual. That is why Express Scripts Canada addresses nonadherence through targeted support:

  • Channel Management – Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy® drives down costs while delivering optimal patient care, including home delivery of three-month supplies of regularly used drugs for chronic medical conditions, with auto-refill capability.
  • Patient Health Support – Specialized, holistic care helps patients better manage treatment complexity, lowering costs and improving adherence and health outcomes.
  • The Express Scripts Canada Therapeutic Resource Centre – Provides pharmacy specialists who offer patient-focused consultations, and help patients manage chronic diseases and the medications prescribed for them.

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Express Scripts Canada is part of the most innovative pharmacy benefit manager in the world. That fact allows us to leverage the learnings and solutions of Express Scripts and apply that expertise to the specific and unique needs of Canadians.

We are proud to be the partner of choice to insurance providers who actively manage escalating drug plan costs and who provide reliable, sustainable solutions to clients and for patients in Canada.

I came to Express Scripts Canada because I knew that here I could do more good for more people. As I look to our future, I see even greater opportunities for us to make sure each person gets real value from the prescription medications they need. We are proudly Canadian, and excited about what we will do in partnership with so many to build a healthier, more vibrant country.

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