Dr. Dorian Lo shares perspective on medication adherence and the opioid crisis in MBOT radio podcast

While the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated global news feeds, there are two other crises jeopardizing the health of Canadians: medication adherence and the increasing misuse of opioids.

The first, medication nonadherence, is an alarming trend that can result in worsening condition, short-term leave, hospital visits and extra medical testing for plan members.

To help shed light on this important health concerns our president, Dr. Dorian Lo, recently sat down with David Wojcik, MBOT Radio and Mississauga Board of Trade CEO & President.

Listen HERE.

In addition, the opioid crisis saw 4,614 Canadians die from opioid-related overdoses in 2018. COVID-19 has worsened this crisis, with opioid-related deaths steadily increasing since the pandemic began.

Listen HERE.