Healthy Workplace Month


It’s no secret: Healthy workplaces benefit employers by enhancing productivity, engagement and company cultures. They improve quality of life and wellness for employees and their families and strengthen Canada’s economy and our communities.

It’s the proverbial win/win/win.

But healthy workplaces don’t happen by accident. Each October, Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month® (CHWM) aims to increase awareness of the need for a comprehensive approach to workplace wellness as well as provide organizations with tools and resources that can help.

CHWM defines the four essentials of a healthy workplace as education, engagement, empowerment and evaluations. Investing in these pillars delivers impressive returns on investment: for every dollar invested, healthcare costs fall by an average of $3.27 and absenteeism costs are reduced by $2.73.

More than ever, a healthy workplace is a prerequisite for engaging and motivating employees for strategic success. Some of the key benchmarks for human resource and managerial leaders to consider are:

  • A culture of engagement. With many industry sectors facing skill shortages as valued employees reach the retirement threshold, leading organizations are implementing strategies that keep valuable employees engaged and productive longer.
  • Sleep essentials. As a growing body of evidence reveals the role of sleep in accident risk, poor decision-making and chronic disease, organizations are responding with resources that can help employees arrive at work adequately rested.
  • Creating physical and mental resilience. Periods of stress are unavoidable in modern life, but a proactive approach to wellness can help ensure employees can manage stress and thrive.
  • Implementing standards for psychological health and safety in the workplace. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 20% of Canadians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. But there are many ways to provide support and help decrease the risks.

During October, CHWM challenges organizations to “improve their workplace through activities, Canada Awards for Excellence criteria, progress tracking and best practices that promote a healthy mind, body and corporate culture.”

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The CHWM website provides a wealth of toolkits, and also makes it possible for organizations to share their successes and learn from others.

Ready to get started? Visit or click on the links below to access information and resources. From walking and running programs to getting a good night’s sleep, CHWM provides resources for workplaces to help employees through transformative tools, programs and events. Tips like “Have walking meetings!” (along with a helpful guide) can also help shift office norms from sedentary to active.

Healthy Lifestyles
Hygiene Wellness
Mental Health Awareness
Healthy Body - Healthy Mind
Stress Management
Eat Well - Stay Well
Eat Well - Be Active
Play at Work
Giving Back at Work
It doesn’t take much to start the cycle of positive change. CHWM encourages human resources professionals and organizational leaders to register to receive useful tools, including a free guide to Healthy Workplace Essentials. By joining more than 20,000 participants from almost 1,800 organizations across the country, you can help your organization create a healthy workplace – with benefits for employers, employees and Canada as a whole.