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Much like a seatbelt is only as useful for a passenger if it’s worn before a crash, medications don’t work for a patient if they aren’t taken as prescribed. Stopping, skipping or minimizing the prescribed dosage of your medication, known as medication non-adherence, can have a big impact on the effectiveness of the treatment your physician has prescribed.

Depression and treatment with prescription medication is more common than you might think.


The reasons for nonadherence are varied, but medications are not effective if they are not taken as prescribed.


Daylight Saving Time ends on November 1 and this provides us with a terrific opportunity to make sure the medications that you or your family take are up to date and have not expired. Many pharmacists recommend to examine and clean up any medications that you have stored regularly so why not make it one of your habits when you change your clocks?


By: Stéphanie Myner-Nham, Chief Human Resources Officer, Express Scripts Canada

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