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Q: In addition to being on the frontline of health care, how does a pharmacist support my health?
Q: How do I stay safe as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?
Q: Ask the Pharmacist Special Edition COVID-19 Update with Dr. Dorian Lo, President, Express Scripts Canada
Q: Ask the Pharmacist Special Edition - COVID-19 update with Adil Ladha
Q: My doctor just prescribed an opioid for me. Should I be concerned about what I've been reading in the news? How can I ensure I'm using it safely?
Q: I've been prescribed hormone replacement therapy by my doctor. Can you tell me what to expect?
Q: My New Year's Resolution this year is get active. Where do I begin, and how can I manage to stay active during our harsh winter?
Q: What questions should I ask my pharmacist about my medications?
Q: “I've watched my dad struggle with diabetes for years and I am worried that this could happen to me. Any advice?”
Q: “I take several medications and I’m worried about drug interactions. Can my pharmacist help?”
Q: Recently, a new parent asked me how to know that their baby is getting its proper nutrition
Q: With the kids going back to school it’s hard to make sure they’re eating right. Any tips?
Q: Which is better for covering up on a sunny day, light or dark clothes?
Q: "How can weather changes affect my health?"
Q: I just watched an ad for heart medication. With all those side effects, is it worth taking the medication?
Q: “My mother is elderly and lives on her own. How can I help her lead an active healthy life?”
Q: I take several ongoing medications, and I sometimes miss a few doses. Is that a problem?
Q: I hurt my back and my doctor prescribed pain medication. Aren’t they addictive? How do I make sure I don’t get hooked?
Q: My depression gets much worse after the holidays. Should I increase my meds to get me through to the spring?
Q: "I’m having bloodwork done and I’m supposed to be fasting. Can I have my morning coffee? Water? Or nothing at all?”
Q: "I’m taking a few different medications on an ongoing basis. Can I still have a drink from time to time?”
Q: I take four prescription medications and a number of supplements. My specialist just prescribed another daily pill. I’m worried I won’t be able to keep it all straight. Any tips?
Q: I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my doctor prescribed me cholesterol pills. Should I take them? I don’t have high cholesterol.
Q: I want to quit smoking? Do those nicotine patches really work? Do I need a prescription?
Q: My mother lives with me and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Any tips?
Q: I recently started taking two different ongoing medications and I'm going on vacation soon. Any tips for travelling with medication?
Q: Why is it so bad to take someone else’s medication?
Q: I have asthma and I use an inhaler. Allergy season makes it worse. Any suggestions?
Q: I'm on high cholesterol medication. Is there something else I can do to control my cholesterol?
Q: I’m 48 and I’ve decided to start exercising regularly for the first time in my life. How might this affect the medications I take?
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