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Pharmaceutical pills spilling from bottle onto prescription paper, Express Scripts Canada

Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy

With regional services across the country, the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy is transforming the Canadian prescription drug landscape and the way patients make decisions about their medications.


The truth is that most employees simply don’t understand how their benefit plan works, so they make decisions that lead to waste: increased costs that don’t contribute to improved health outcomes.

Express Scripts Canada leverages Health Decision ScienceTM to help members understand and make better decisions about their maintenance medication options. This innovative pharmacy service also puts tools in place to make it easier for them to take medications as prescribed.

At the very centre of the Express Scripts Canada strategy are pharmacists who act as proactive member advocates.

And it works. Results have been proven with clients across Canada.


Informed members make better decisions.

Benefits to sponsors

✓ Immediate and ongoing savings

✓ Sustainability

✓ Improved adherence

✓ Easy implementation

✓ Step-by-step launch support


Benefits to members

✓ Pharmacist is a member advocate

✓ Free delivery in Canada

✓ Auto refills and reminders

✓ Pharmacists on call 24/7

✓ Online transfer and refill requests



Express Scripts Canada