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Is coordination of benefits with a spouse’s plan allowed?

Yes. The initial claim is always directed to the cardholder’s drug plan first and to a spouse’s plan second. Let us know about any other prescription drug coverage you may have when you join the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy. You should submit claims for dependant children first to the plan of the spouse whose birth date is earliest in the year.

Will I receive a receipt for the outstanding balance to submit to another insurance plan?

If the pharmacy has information on both drug cards, both plans can be billed electronically and payments will be charged in real time. Any outstanding balance from either drug plan will be charged to you as a copayment. You will be provided with a receipt signed by the pharmacist for each prescription dispensed.

How do I pay for my part of the cost of my medication?

You can pay with a major credit card, through online banking or by cheque.

  • Credit card. The Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy will charge your portion (if applicable) to the Visa, MasterCard or American Express you provide at the time of joining. The Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy will bill your drug benefit plan for the remaining portion of the cost.

    Tip: It’s easiest to pay by credit card. 

  • Online or telephone banking. You can pay for your medications by online or telephone banking through most major financial institutions. Choose the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy as the payee.
  • Cheque. If you pay by cheque, send it to your regional pharmacy, attention Accounts Receivable. Please make your cheque out exactly as listed in the address:

Residents of NB, NS, NL, PEI
Express Scripts Pharmacy Atlantic Ltd.
c/o H05741C
PO Box 4623, CRO
Halifax, NS  B3J  3Y9

Residents of ON
Express Scripts Pharmacy Ontario Ltd.
P.O. Box 9777, STATION A
Toronto, ON  M5W 1R6

Residents of MB, SK and NT
Express Scripts Pharmacy Central Ltd.
c/o W05742C
PO BOX 6528, Main Post Office
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 4N6

Residents of BC, AB, YT and NWT
Express Scripts Pharmacy West Ltd.
c/o V06490C
PO Box 6400, Station Terminal
Vancouver, BC V6B 6R3

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