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How to Join

Can anyone join the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy?

Yes. Just like any other pharmacy, the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy is available to anyone, whether they are employed, retired or have a drug plan.

What information should I have on hand to join?

Before you join, here are the items you need to have on hand:

  • A 30-day supply for each maintenance drug you take
  • You should have at least one refill for each of your maintenance drugs on file at another pharmacy to transfer
  • Your prescription drug card – Also have your spouse’s prescription drug benefit card if you are covered as a dependant on his/her plan or they are covered under yours
  • All maintenance medications you are currently taking

Tip: All the information you need to transfer your prescriptions can be found on the label of your maintenance medications

  • Your VIP Code, if applicable

What do I do if I don’t have a 30-day supply on hand?

If you don’t currently have a 30-day supply on hand, you should pick a refill up from your current pharmacy before joining.

What do I do if I have a 30-day supply on hand but no more refills?

If you have a 30-day supply but no more refills, you should visit your doctor to get a new prescription. Your doctor can fax your new prescription directly to the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy or you can mail it to us. Email to obtain a postage-paid envelope.

Tip: See who to contact for our regional pharmacy fax numbers.

How do I join?

The fastest and easiest way to join is online at using the VIP code provided to you by your company (if applicable).

Tip: See Online Prescription Manager to learn what else you can do online.

I don’t use any maintenance medications. Why should I join?

Even if you’re not taking maintenance medications at the moment you, or a family member, may be prescribed them in the future. If you join now, you’ll be ready to use the service if ever the need arises. Joining now also ensures that any family members who do take maintenance prescription medications can take advantage of our pharmacy service.

What happens if a loved one of mine who’s covered by my plan lives in a different province?

Loved ones who live in a different province from you can have their prescriptions shipped to their province of residence. Whether you join online or by phone, you will be given the option to enter different addresses for each of your loved ones.

What are the benefits of joining the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy?

When you become a member of our pharmacy, we promise to put you and your health first. Some of the benefits to you include:

✓ Convenience – Medications delivered – via free standard shipping – directly to your home or to an address that you designate. Request prescription transfers, renewals and refills online or by phone.

✓ Value – Receive up to a 90-day supply of your maintenance prescription medication for a single dispensing fee, and we will work with you and your doctor to choose safe, approved, lower-cost medications, where possible.

✓ Peace of Mind – Auto Refills takes the guesswork out of refilling prescriptions. And you can privately consult an experienced pharmacist to answer your questions and help you safely manage your prescribed medications. Pharmacists are on call 24/7.

✓ Time – The pharmacy comes to you and there are no long waits.

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