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Pharmacist Insights

Pharmacists have historically been relied upon to provide information about medication, its use and safety, and, now more than ever, they are being recognized as the medication management experts within an individual’s health care team.

Canadian pharmacists’ expanding scope of practice


As a parent, you always want to protect your children and family from danger and teach them how to take care of themselves. So, if your child or family member was diagnosed with a rare or life-threatening disease, it’s likely that you would do anything to get the best treatment and care for your loved one, even if that means remortgaging your home, selling all your assets and moving across country. For some Canadians, this is a reality.


Canadian employers face many threats to their bottom line: global competition, an aging workforce, disruptive technologies and more. Perhaps it isn’t surprising, then, that the potential impact of rising drug costs doesn’t get the attention those who track these trends feel it merits. But to attract skilled employees – the foundation of competitive success – employers know they must offer competitive benefits.


In the face of a rapidly changing pharmacy landscape, many plan sponsors are struggling to maintain the valued drug benefit they offer their employees.


As a pharmacist with 24 years experience, Jessica Lau was delighted to discover an environment that allowed her to fully express her passion for healthcare,  health education and, most of all, her patients. A little over two years ago, she joined the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy, which “has a vision for pharmaceutical care that’s about proactively supporting people on their path to wellness,” she says.



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